The three step process to a beautiful driveway or patio

There are basically three stages to the process of getting a beautiful looking driveway or patio that will last for a lifetime, need minimal maintenance and be weed-free.
Installation of your driveway/patio.

Excavation of the driveway will be to a minimum of 100mm and up to 200mm if required.
All vegetation and topsoil is removed to expose a suitable sub-base.
All manholes, gullies and drainage will be installed prior to covering up the site with suitable stone, which is then compacted down.

Shuttering is put into position and fixed to the desired shape as per the initial site survey.

Addition of Concrete
A 100mm thick concrete slab is laid, which is air entrained and has fibermesh reinforcement already added at the batching plant
The concrete is tamped and trowelled out prior to adding the colouring of your choice
The whole area is then printed as per the design on the survey.
Once printing has completed, the site will then be closed off to allow it to dry.

Prior to completion
The driveway will then be left for 24-48 hours to cure before the crack control joints are cut into the slab.
The driveway will then have the release powder brushed off, prior to cleaning with a power wash which exposes the pattern imprinted concrete.
Any minor flaws or imperfections will then be attended to prior to sealing the whole area, leaving you with a beautiful and pristine driveway.
The whole site will then be cleared and left in a clean condition as found when first attending site.